piano mano - copiaMusic is one of the most beautiful things that we can enjoy in life and playing piano can make this even more joyful.

From young children to adults, many people have the interest to lear to play an instrument. No matter if your favourite music is rock, classic or any other, the piano is a versatile instrument and you will be able to play any kind of music piece on it. Do you want to try?

I give piano lessons to anybody who has an interest on learning. My philosophy is that music is fun and therefore I am open to teach any kind of music to any kind of student. Phantasy in playing takes an important part of my teaching method.

Young children will learn from the basics with music games, listening, trying different sounds on the piano.

Later, the music notations are introduced, as well as some basic piano techniques and different styles of music.

Young people will learn the pieces that they like and will be able to deeply understand how music works. Music theory and ear training are introduced in a practical way, by playing the instrument. They will be able to develop their imagination by giving different character to different pieces.

Adults can earn a deeper understanding, develop sound, use different techniques and more detailed playing in general.

If you are an adult, you never played piano before and you would love to try, you are welcome! You will learn to play pieces of your choice and will have the chance to find out all your skills for music.


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